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Shane school, Toufen

I don’t usually write about teaching English or my job simply because there is a lot of information out there on the subject, and I doubt I will say anything that hasn’t been said before.  That being said, since I am leaving my current job, I feel that I should leave a review of the school for anyone considering coming to work here in the future.

Note: Franchise schools are run VERY differently, depending on the owner.  Toufen and Zhunan are in close proximity, and each have a Shane school.  This is about the Shane in TOUFEN.  I’ve never worked at the Zhunan Shane, so cannot comment on it. Continue reading ‘Shane school, Toufen’

Taiwan national lottery

Just as I was getting used to all the perks offered by life in Taiwan, I was hit with another nugget of awesomeness.

I was at 7-11 and had just paid for some black fungus drink (which is as gross as it sounds but I was going through my “randomly-pick-something-new-and-try-it” phase).  As I walked out, looking at my purchace and wondering if this was a good idea, the cashier ran out after me.  He started blathering in at me in Mandarin and shoving the receipt in my face.  I motioned that I didn’t want it, but he was insistent, so I took it and added it to the junk in my Costanza wallet.  Paying it no more mind, I went about my day. Continue reading ‘Taiwan national lottery’

Private tutoring in Taiwan

Teaching English in Taiwan is a lucrative business.  While the established schools possess the lion’s share of the action, it is easily possible to take on private students to supplement one’s income.

Note that it is ILLEGAL to do this without a license, and can result in ARC (visa) cancellation and deportation.  Most contracts have a clause prohibiting you from working anywhere else and since your employer controls your ARC, if you are caught doing so, kiss that visa good bye.  Hasta la vista baby.  Sometimes, there will also be a ban from Taiwan included in the punishment.

But like anywhere in the world, if you don’t get caught, it’s not really Continue reading ‘Private tutoring in Taiwan’

Working life, cost of living and taxes in Taiwan

A major reason why, at this point in my life, I really enjoy living and working in Taiwan is because of the low number of working hours, comparatively high salary I get paid and the low cost of living.  Continue reading ‘Working life, cost of living and taxes in Taiwan’

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