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Coconut Juice?

Lonely and trying to figure out a new city, I decided to pay tribute to Dionysus.  So I went out and paid a lot of tribute got drunk.  It was about 11am.

Note, at this time Taiwanese don’t drink.  So I’m breaking every rule I have of trying to fit in and not being an asshole foreigner who walks around hammered in the day time.

I walked for God knows how long…Kenny was playing on repeat on my ipod, so I figured I knew when to hold em, fold em and all that.  Kept my head down and walked from 7-11 to 7-11.  Obviously buying beers, drinking them inside and looking forward to the next one. Continue reading ‘Coconut Juice?’


Finding an apartment in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

For a foreigner without adequate knowledge of the local language, moving can be a nightmare.  Thankfully, I had a lot of help from Taiwanese people and my move was relatively painless.  So here are a few details to help anyone doing the same. Continue reading ‘Finding an apartment in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’

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