Shoe football in a rocky creek

I couldn’t believe this was happening.

I guess the title mostly gives it away, but let me explain the surroundings before I get into the story and show the video.  We were out with a few friends for a BBQ at Beipu Cold Springs.  I was a bit late arriving, so the others had already set up a spot and were waiting.  As we drove into the picnic area, I looked over and the spring water creek wasn’t as full as I’d imagined – wading in it would probably bring the water a little over my ankles.  The bottom was visible and it looked filled with rocks.

We unloaded the van (food, bbq etc) and then, being pretty hot, I wanted to walk around and splash a bit of water on myself.  A friend and I jumped into the creek, but we had to be careful because it was pretty rocky – something like this:

There was water, but not enough to wade around in, and the creek bed was all rocky – I wore sandals.  As we were walking and chatting, I heard a commotion going off a few meters away.  I looked over and saw a bunch of guys charging each other – head on – in the creek.

They faced each other over a distance of maybe 10 – 15 feet, crouched and then ran at each other.  From what I could gather, one of the teams had a shoe, and they had to get the shoe to the other team’s side and slam it down at a pre-desingated spot.  All this while slamming into their opponents and not wearing shoes, in a rocky creek.  I tried to get a video:

Absolutely mental.  To put this in perspective, like I mentioned before, I was wearing sandals, and the ground was still hard to walk on.  These guys were running and tackling full force with no shoes on.  And did you see the way he dove at the end to make the “touchdown”?  Crazy bastards!!

My friend told me that they had been at this for a while.  When he arrived, they were sitting around drinking, and after a few hours of that, they started with the creek football.  Now I’m sure that the booze had a part to play into turning these guys into fearless, shoeless football stars, but I still cringe everytime I watch this video, and feel sorry for the pain they are going to feel when it all wears off.

Here is another run they made:

This one’s even better – I love how the big guy in the middle (blue and white shorts) charges and starts demolishing people in his way.  And of course, the bodyslam dive at the end for the touchdown, even though someone is pulling his pants off.  Epic, and hats off to you sirs!

I loved seeing this because normally, Taiwanese guys I’ve met aren’t really into doing crazy things like this – they leave that to the waiguo ren (foreigners).  Most prefer computer games.  Even surfing, and swimming in the ocean are regarded as dangerous.  So it was pretty awesome to see these guys going balls out, risking life and limb (literally – one slip, and someone could’ve broken a neck – not to mention all the cuts their feet would have suffered on the rocks) to get some ratty shoe across a finish line.

In fact, this is probably the craziest second craziest thing I’ve seen being done here, in terms of sheer risky-ness – the craziest being driving on Taiwan’s roads.

And to think, they kept doing it over and over and over again.  Cheers, you half inebriated, shoeless football guys – thanks for the show – I loved it!


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