The ultimate treehouse, Anping, Tainan

Remeber that time when you wanted a treehouse soooo bad?  Nothing would be better than tromping around 20 feet up in the air with wood and walls around you..right?  Well, I found the ultimate treehouse – one that all young kids would drool over and trade their mothers to own.  And it’s located in the Anping district of Tainan city in southern Taiwan.

This mega fusion of wood and concrete is a massive structure stretching over an old building of the Tait and Co. trading company.  When the Dutch left Tainan, the native banyan trees took over the unused building.  They covered the whole thing,  and now it’s hard to tell where one ends and another begins.

The rooms inside are covered with branches and roots and seriously started instigating the 13 year old in me.  Never mind the displays of all types of flora with detailed descriptions around, I just wanted to start climbing.  I wonder if other people were going through this instinctual reation or if I was the only wannabe monkey around.

Seriously though, take a look at some pictures – how could you NOT want to climb it?





To some, this may seem like a creepy, scary place, but I was loving it.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the better half was with me, so I couldn’t indulge in my pre-pubescent behaviour and had to keep a tight reign on my inner juvenile.

There were rooms with displays of different sorts of plant life:



Like I mentioned before, there were descriptions of everything (some in English) so a plant afficionado would enjoy this place.  They had also built a walkway that took you up so that you could see the trees growing on the top of the house:






Awesome treehouse, right?

Infantile behaviour aside, the treehouse in Anping was a pretty neat experience.  It gives you a perspective of trees rarely seen – from the bottom up.  There are a lot of great photo ops for the budding photographer.  We went during the weekend, so it was fairly crowded, but I imagine if you can make it during the week, you would find a pervading sense of calm and peace within the walls (branches) of this building.  Definitely a must see if you go to Tainan. Entry is only 25 NT – less than a dollar!

Find it here:


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