Taiwan’s Larry Flynt?

Remember Larry Flynt?  The guy who created Hustler magazine and fought numerous legal battles to defend his right to publish smut?  Continuously citing the first amendment and his right to free speech (in this case, freedom to publish porn), he gained a lot of notoriety and became an ambiguous advocate for freedom of speech.

Well, it seems Taiwan has produced it’s own Larry Flynt, except this guy pushes his democratic rights to new levels.

Our story begins last year.  A sex scandal rocked Taiwanese news in Mar. 2012.  Around Feb. of that year, a man named Tsai Yu-lin (蔡育林) organized an event aboard a public train.  He rented a car on the train, and as it was leaving Taipei, 18 men got aboard.  The men had paid NT 800 (US $26) for their  “invitaion” to this event.  Along with the 18 men, the train car had some male and female “attendants” (bouncers and geishas to hand out condoms and tissue paper).  A few stations down, a lone 17 year old woman girl boarded the same carriage.  The party commenced.

Not being there, I can’t comment on exactly what happened, but the consensus seems to be that there were some intense anatomy/human sexuality lessons taking place as the train sped south.  When the train reached Jhunan (maybe 2 hrs later), and everyone was … umm fully satisfied, the group disembarked and went out to a local restaurant – presumably to replace calories and fluids and high-five each other.

After this event, apparently some of the participants started discussing it on a blog, and BAM – the law was all over it.  Smart.  You can read the official story here.



The hub-bub over this died down, but like any tenacious STD, it reared it’s head in the news again about a year later.  A recent article in the Taipei Times brought the scandal back to life with a report of the court ruling and the organizer’s appeal.

According to this article, the courts handed Tsai (the organizer) a 6 month sentence for “attempting to profit from introducing sex to a third party” – under the Act on Offenses Against Sexual Morality.

A few things to explain how he got away with all the other stuff that one immediately questions.

  1. The legal age of consent in Taiwan is 16, so no charge for the girl being too young.
  2. The car was rented by a private party, so therefore it wasn’t seen as public property at the time of the incident.
  3. After the gangbang, Tsai had the car cleaned so that it was presumably returned in the same condition he got it – so not a public health hazard.

Given, this is all flimsy, but regardless, he was only hit with what really amounts to a “pimping” charge and barely given a slap on the wrist.

You’d think that he would consider himself lucky, take it and get on to his next enterprise.

But NO!

Taking the high moral ground (really?) Tsai has applealed the ruling.  According to the most recent article:

Following notification of the verdict, Tsai visited the New Taipei City District Court yesterday accompanied by the Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters, the Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan and National Central University professors Josephine Ho (何春蕤) and Hsu Ya-fei (許雅斐)to appeal the ruling.

Holding banners reading “defend people’s rights to sexual congregation” and “refuse to submit to imagined offenses, a railcar sex party is not an offense,” Tsai said that following the ruling, he believed that Taiwan was not truly a democratic country.

Sounds like he’s been reading up on Larry Flynt’s trails and tribulations and plans to take a page out of Hustler!  Not a bad move, getting support from other organizations and university professors.  The article goes on to say:

In response to questions from the media as to whether Tsai had intended to host similar events on yachts or other locations to earn money, Tsai said that while he had said during a TV interview that he had entertained the thought, he did not actually mean to put such plans into action.

I’m sure he’s just waiting to wrap up his current legal woes, and then get on the private sex party scene.  Maybe that’s why he’s appealing this ruling.  Get off this one, set a precedent and he’s free to create fun debauchery for anyone who wants it.

Will his fight be successful?  Will Tsai Yu-lin become Taiwan’s Larry Flynt?  This article shows some interesting responses and more articles related to the whole story.  Lets see.


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