Funny things kids write in class

I haven’t written much about teaching English in Taiwan, because there is tonnes of information out there about it.  Recently though, I was going through some of my pictures and couldn’t help laughing, so I thought I’d share some of the funny moments I’ve had during marking some of the exercises.

If you have experience teaching ESL, then you will be aware that for most language learners, bad words are the first ones learned.  In the case of little tykes in Taiwan, poo poo rules as king.  Everything can be related to poo poo.  One even went so far as to write:


At least he got the grammar right, which was the point of the exercise.  Needlesss to say, when I saw this, I had to hold back my giggles and sternly explain to the grinning kid that we must never say or write this.  It’s really hard to be serious when you find something really funny.

Sometimes, in a rush to finish writing (so that they can play) students can get careless and forget to include very important letters in their words – letters that change the meaning of the word:



And sometimes, they just get the order of the letters mixed up:


And then, to reinforce everything, there are the drawings with explicit descriptions:



Whatever the case, it leads us back to poo poo.  Sigh.

And finally, for Taiwanese students, properly pronouncing English words can be difficult, so if they have haven’t been corrected in their pronunciation, they will write it as they think it’s said.  Resulting in this:


And this:


All of these mistakes have occured at the 4-6 year level, so very easy to correct when you catch them.  Once a child this young has been corrected a few times, they will generally not make the same mistake again.

Stuff like this really makes me laugh, and makes it worth my time in the classroom.


1 Response to “Funny things kids write in class”

  1. 1 Anonymous April 17, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    buttdiver should have two T’s… and since the subject is ‘they’, it should be ‘buttdivers’… otherwise great work.

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