I had no idea what this was until very recently.  I was having a conversation with a friend who has been in Asia for a while, and we were talking about girls (go figure eh?).  I mentioned that I’d seen a lot of Taiwanese girls puckering their lips in pictures – sort of  like when you go in for a kiss.  Not having seen too much of it back home, I figured that this was a Taiwanese thing.  He cured my ignorance and explained that it’s called Duckface; it’s all the rage in Asia.  Google served up a plethora of information, that I now feel obligated to share with you.

The urban dictionary defines Duckface as:

A term used to descibe the face made if you push your lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips.

Say what??

Apparently, pulling a Duckface (Duckfacing??) is a sure fire way to make the Taiwanese boys all hot and bothered.  Taiwanese Princesses have developed it into an art, and are constantly updating their FB, Myspace and Flickr accounts with the exact same latest cute variation of themselves rocking a Duckface.

The origins of this pouty marvel are lost somewhere in cyberspace. Many different creation stories exist, but none have been factualized by any authoritative academic body.  So the true account of Duckface’s beginnings is anyone’s guess.

I’d imagine, like all things fashion and cutey-poo, it came from Japan, and was immediately embraced by the very impressionable Taiwanese youth.

After becoming aware that this existed, I started to see it everywhere.  Duckface injected her generous lips into my everyday life.  Walking down the street, I’d see girls taking pics of themselves that would make an actual duck cringe in extreme embarrasment and want to bury it’s head under the nearest rock:

And like PSY’s Gangnam style video, Duckface didn’t stay quarantined to Taiwanese Princesses.  It spread rabidly all over the world.  Here’s some white Duckface,


black Duckface


and horribly tanned, inbetween, demon Duckface:


Nice, eh?

You’d think it would stop there, but no!  The onslaught of fashionable stupidity continued and soon enough this douchebaggery was taken up by, well, douchebags:


Uhh huh.  Nothing says tough and manly like pulling the ultimate Duckface.  He’s cool, suave, successful AND he can pucker like no other.  How’s that for a perfect man eh, ladies?

Not content with gaining grass roots popularity, Duckface persisted until it was able to nose it’s oversized bill into Hollywood.  Of course, everyone remembers this guy:


Full on Magnum!

So there you have it.  From it’s humble beginnings in Japan (presumably) all the way to the silver screen, Duckface has now become an international sensation.  Common sense challenged people everywhere are sporting it, and ducks worldwide are hiding in shame.  For better or worse, Duckface is here to stay!


1 Response to “Duckface”

  1. 1 trentus April 12, 2013 at 1:46 am

    So true! I also never knew there was a name for this crap! good work. I must admit it is cute sometimes, or like the first time chicks do it, but then the subsequent 436 times get boring pretty quickly.

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