When it pays to know English

Sometimes people get nabbed for the funniest things.  A man named Wu was wanted on drug related charges.  He had been eluding the police for a while, but was finally arrested in Huwei Township, Yunlin county.  Want to know why?  His T shirt gave him away!

A local, on-duty cop, who had an elementary understanding of English, noticed a man walking around with a T-shirt that said “WANTED”.  Curious about this, the cop questioned Wu and performed an identity check which led to the arrest.  Poor Wu, all bewildered, said that the T-shirt was a gift from his son, and he had no idea what “WANTED” meant.

Besides allowing it to become more competitive in international business, and helping it’s citizens have more opportunities in the western world, learning English, it seems, has also empowered Taiwan’s police force to become more effective at home.  I’m not sure if it’s a requirement, but this particular officer passed a nationwide elementary level English test – allowing him to understand the meaning of “WANTED” on the T-shirt.

Now – as to why he would want to question someone wearing that kind of shirt – that’s debateable.  It could be chalked up to police wiles and intuition OR it could just be a case of western cultural infiltration – he’s been watching COPS on TV.  No one will ever know!

As for the criminal, he should have been a better student when he was younger and at school.  Instead of being an irritating brat and making the teacher’s life a living hell, if he had only paid a little more attention, he might have learned what “WANTED” implied.  And probably would not have worn that dumbass shirt.  See??  That’s what you get for being a snot nosed little shit in class!

Ok, ok, personal prejudices surfacing….I know.

I couldn’t help but be tickled by this story.  Spending the last year trying to make English learning fun for a lot of bored/uninterested students, I’ve always been looking for ways to make what’s taught in the classroom relevant to the real world and BAM! – I’m handed a story that the kids will probably like ( I hope).

So there you go Taiwanese students – one small example why you should learn and remember your ABC’s!

Here’s where I found the original news brief.


2 Responses to “When it pays to know English”

  1. 1 Phillip March 24, 2013 at 4:27 am

    Ha ha ha. Nice one!!! I once saw a little girl, probably around 12 with a t shirt which read, No Food, No Drink, Sex only. I had to take a pic.

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