Helmet hair

One of the small problems I had to face was learning how to arrive at work without looking like a mental patient and/or I’d just walked out of a hurricane.  I have the kind of hair that, unless it’s fairly short, needs some sort of hair product to maintain a non retarded shape.  This was no problem when I was driving a car or walking, but as soon as I started driving around on a scooter, it became an annoyance.

A scooter helmet isn’t all that heavy, but wearing it for any extended period of time tends to ruin one’s coiff.  Add to that the instant sweat under the helmet caused by the bazillion watt Taiwan sun, you get total mane annhialation.  For me, there are 2 results:

1) I leave it as is, and my hair looks like a giant black yamaka covering my forehead.

2) Run my fingers through it and end up having tufts poking out in all directions.  Classic insane asylum escapee.

This is an issue for going to work, school or anyway where one is required to look somewhat presentable.  I don’t see myself purchasing a car in the near future, and there is no public transportation in small town Taiwan, so I’ve had to come up with a solution to deal with this.

Now I carry around a tub of hair wax in the scooter.  While this removes the hair problem, it creates the “you-look-like-a-douchbag-fixing-your-hair-in-your-scooter-mirror” problem.  There are no places where I can scoot to and furtively hide my cosmetic efforts – this is Taiwan, and people are everywhere.  So, invariably,  I park around a 7-11 somewhere and use the washroom.

The silver lining in this is that I now understand why haircuts are the way they are around here.  I originally thought that the styles were ludicrous, but now I’ve realized that it’s more than just fashion – most of the guys haircuts are perfect for helmets.  Their hair looks the same going into the ride as it does coming out.  It’s extremely practical, and something to consider.  Either that, or shave my head.


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