Tom Yum flavoured potato chips and other snacks

My inner fatty has been grumbling and rumbling recently, probably in response to my snack free diet.   So, to broker a ceasefire, I wandered into 7 -11 looking for a lard filled peace offering.  I was perusing the chips when I came across this:


Tom Yum is a Thai preparation (mostly served in soup form).  It’s a very strong, delicious flavour combination of lime, lemon grass and chillies.  Kind of a hot and sour soup with a million more flavours.  I’ve had it before, but never in chip form.  This was the first time, I’d seen potato chips trying to emulate a soup.  Needless to say, fatty was delighted to try it.

Back home, potato chips have the standard flavours – BBQ, sour cream and onion, ketchup, salt and vinegar…etc etc.  Sometimes one can glimpse a pizza or maybe even curry flavoured chip, but by and large chip flavours avoid exotic flirtations.  Not to say they’re bad, just rarely surprising.

Not here.  While you do have all your regular flavours, new tongue titillating ones are regularly released.  Sushi, kimchi, seaweed, black pepper steak, taro, salsa, and now Tom Yum, are among the few bazillion flavour offerings for artists of snacking.

Some of the odder ones include a fish  and nut combo,


fried seaweed (really delicious);

and stringy squid:


remember Cheese strings?  Well kinda like that, except it’s squid instead.

Shelves are filled wth tonnes of snacks, most of which I can’t read yet, so it’s always a new adventure.  Seems there are enough to last a lifetime:



Besides various chip flavours, some of the other belt busting treats include wasabi peas, dried fish, honey glazed Taiwan style jerky, dried fruit (covered in sugar, so still unhealthy – but oh so good),  and other things that I cannot translate and/or haven’t tried yet.

All in all, there is a whole new world of tempation to fight if you are a closet butterball.  Not only is the variety new and stunning, it’s constantly being added to.  I have a feeling this is a battle that’s already lost.


2 Responses to “Tom Yum flavoured potato chips and other snacks”

  1. 1 Steven December 5, 2012 at 10:09 am

    hey- you haven’t seen my place, but it’s littered with KoNoMi wrappers from those seaweed snacks… they have Tom Yum, but also original (ocean flavor evidently), spicy, and wasabi… incidentally they are VERY low in carbs, and have some protein and fiber.. they’re fried, so they’re not low fat per se, but if you’re dying for a snack, that’s your best option from what you displayed… whether you’ll find them palatable is another blog topic… lol.

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