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85° C – the Tim Hortons of Taiwan?

For all you non Canadians, Tim Hortons is the ubiquitous coffee shop in Canada.  They have stores on almost every corner, and I’ve never seen one close – except maybe for renovations.  Hockey dads and moms hit it up before early morning practice,  sleepy eyed office workers make a pit stop there before work, hung over students stumble in prior to class – pretty much every coffee drinker comes by for their daily dose of caffeine – even soldiers posted overseas look forward to when the Timmys kiosk will open on base.  The coffee shop is and probably always will be Canada’s darling. Continue reading ’85° C – the Tim Hortons of Taiwan?’

Transformer in Puli township, Taiwan

Puli township, Nantou county is located in the approximate centre of Taiwan.  It boasts a population of around 86 000, so a fairly small-ish place as far as Taiwan is concerned.  Small town Taiwan rarely has too much western stuff, and idols of western pop culture are virtually non-existent.  So, imagine my surprise when I was driving through Puli and saw this: Continue reading ‘Transformer in Puli township, Taiwan’

Getting offered English lessons by a Mormon missionary

I’ve learned that there are Mormon missionaries in and around rural Taiwan.  These folks are fluent in Mandarin, and their mission is to spread their beliefs to the natives and gain converts to follow the Mormon church.  They are specially trained back home, and sent here to preach the faith.  I understand that this is part of their religion.  Obviously, everyone is entitled to say their piece, and it’s upto the listener to make a judgement call.  I personally have no problem if people want to tell me something – what I think may be a totally different story, but I’ll definitely give a listen, as long as it doesn’t get preachy or too pushy.  Sometimes, this results in funny situations. Continue reading ‘Getting offered English lessons by a Mormon missionary’

Helmet hair

One of the small problems I had to face was learning how to arrive at work without looking like a mental patient and/or I’d just walked out of a hurricane.  I have the kind of hair that, unless it’s fairly short, needs some sort of hair product to maintain a non retarded shape.  This was no problem when I was driving a car or walking, but as soon as I started driving around on a scooter, it became an annoyance. Continue reading ‘Helmet hair’

A Taiwanese wedding

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a Taiwanese wedding reception.  I was pretty excited about this because I’d heard a lot about how lavish these affairs can be, and I really wanted to experience one.  In this particular wedding, the family of the bride is VERY well to do, so the occasion included all the bells and whistles.  Before I get into it, here are a few things I’ve learned  about weddings in Taiwanese culture: Continue reading ‘A Taiwanese wedding’


This is an example of a small thing that one may not think about, but makes an impact on comfortable life here.

Back home, I was an avid reader.  A typical library visit resulted in me bringing home 3 – 4 novels.  Then, repeat 2 or 3 weeks later.  Books were a constant companion.  On long rides, they made the time go fast.  Boredom was instantly cured by taking me away to some alternate universe.  Passive learning was continuously happening.  Books were a very big part of my life. Continue reading ‘Books’

Happiness in the beating – an Engrish experience

I was wandering around aimlessly one day when I something caught my eye.  English is rare in most areas of town, so it usually sticks out like a sore thumb.  Walking by a store, I saw some English on their sign, so naturally focused in to take a closer look.


Continue reading ‘Happiness in the beating – an Engrish experience’

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