Taiwanese man’s brilliant plan for continuing an affair

Affairs have been going on for as long as relationships have existed.  People are constantly coming up creative ways to hide their skeletons, but this one takes the cake.  A Taiwanese man implemented a soap opera-esque plan to continue to see his mistress – by hiding her in plain sight.

Mr. Tse, 48, is a married man who lives and works in Taoyuan, a city close to Taipei.  He met and was charmed by a young (33), unmarried enchantress, Miss Tam.  They started having an affair.

After 2 years of clandestine meetings, Tam wants her pound of flesh.  She tells Tse that she wants him to either be with her (move in together) or pay for all her living expenses every month.  Tse is in a bind.  To move in with her would mean the loss of his family, shame etc etc.  To stay separate would mean becoming a sugar daddy – something he couldn’t or wasn’t willing to do.  Here’s what he did.

Being very smart, Tse broke up with Tam and went back to his wife introduced Tam to his best friend and encouraged the relationship – all the while sleeping with Tam on the side.  When they got married, all his problems were solved.  He could continue the affair, and Tam was provided for by his friend.  To show his goodwill, Tse gave the happy couple NT 50 000 (US $ 1 666) for their wedding.  What a {insert appropriate advective} fellow!

Talk about free milk!  Let alone buy the cow, he didn’t even have to feed it.

This arrangement continued for another year.

All good things have to end, and so his friend finally discovered what was going on.  Naturally this thoroughly pissed him off.  The now ex-friend brought criminal charges against Tse.  Keep in mind that an adultery conviction in Taiwan means jail time.

As this whole thing came out, Tse’s wife also got in on the action.  She brought charges against Tam, and not her husband.  She claimed that Tam was “disrupting” her family life.  Nothing about the husband, of course.  It’s not his fault – he just tripped and landed inside Tam – anyone could have made that mistake, right?

So 2 lawsuits went to court – 1 against Tam, and 1 against Tse.  Tam got convicted and sentenced to 2 months in the slammer, and Tse is currently in litigation, waiting judgement.  He of course, denies the whole thing.

Here is the original article.

Moral implications and judgements aside, the thing that really gets me is the sheer idiocy of his plan.  Tam must have had Tse’s head spinning quite fast for it to produce such a gem of an idea.  If nothing else, Tse should be sentenced to jail for being a giant dumbass.

Note: I’m not fluent in Chinese and most of this has been translated using Google; all translation errors are mine.

EDIT Dec 5 2012:

Apparently, my translation wasn’t totally accurate.  Tse’s wife first discovered about the affair and sued Tam, and then Tam’s husband sued Tse.  Thanks to tokumori for the correction.


2 Responses to “Taiwanese man’s brilliant plan for continuing an affair”

  1. 1 tokumori December 4, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Google Translate was mostly right: Tse’s wife found out first and sued Tam, and hence Tam’s husband found out about the affair and countersued. That’s why the case against Tam has already been decided while Tse’s is still ongoing.

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