Taiwan’s rice sausage

Taiwanese are very creative when it comes to food and food preparation.  They find ways to make even mundane items exciting and tasty.  Try and think of something more boring than plain old rice – hard to do right?  Rice has to be the most simple of edible items.  Not here!  Besides fried rice, congee, rice desserts and rice drinks, they also have the rice sausage!

Taking the idea of plain old rice and fusing it with the idea of an exciting sizzling sausage, this gastronomic wonder brings sexy back to rice again.  Sticky rice mixed with mild spices is stuffed into a skin and voila! – Rice is king.

Not content with this, they take it to the next level with the sausage in a sausage sandwich.  This is Taiwan’s answer to the artery clogging McFatness diet. Who says only westerners are pigs??

Here, the traditional Taiwanese meat sausage is stuffed into a rice sausage.  The meat sausage has a distinct sweet and savoury flavour with chunks of meat (instead of the ground variety) along with fat.  Topped off with mustard, hot peppers and some vegetables this treat is a must have at any nightmarket.

Yet another reason why I’m getting fat in Taiwan.


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