Man sues wife for being ugly – and wins

I was browsing around when I came across this gem.  A Chinese man sued his wife after he found out she’d had plastic surgery to alter her looks.  Here’s how it unfolded.

Jian Feng, a well to do Chinese man married a beautiful woman – typical situation.  Their marriage was all fine until she bore him a daughter.  According to Jian Feng, the daughter was so horrendous to look at, that he couldn’t believe it was his child (egotistical much?) and using vast reservoirs of patience and empathy, accused his wife of having an affair.  After DNA tests the daughter was proved to be his.  This led his wife to confess that she’d augmented her looks through the use of plastic surgery before they met.

Being the stand up fellow that he is, Jian Feng  accepted his wife and daughter because he loved them flew into a righteous rage and demanded recompense.  He took his wife to court claiming that she had used her fake good looks and decieved him into marrying her.  Obviously he was not interested in her personality.  He won the case – the judge awarded him $ 120 000.

This has to be one of the more bizarre cases I’ve read about.  All personal dysfunctional issues aside  this is a sad comment on how ridiculous the law can sometimes be in Asia.  I’d understand granting a divorce (maybe not morally agree, but understand – people have divorced for less), but making the mother pay so much money??  That’s completely unfair.  I wonder if the man and the judge were drinking buddies.

The mother still has her good looks, and I hope she will be able to find another man who isn’t as much of a judgemental wanker as her last paramour.  The daughter at least deserves a good home and family to grow up with, since this is no fault of hers.

Here’s the story.


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