Genetically engineered pink fish

A group of Taiwanese researchers have genetically engineered a new kind of flourescent pink, ornamental fish.  While flourescent fish are not new (there are green and red ones) these ones are different because they glow not only in the night, but also in the day time.

While the progress in science and discovery is commendable, I really have to wonder about the practicality of developing things like this.  Sure, now I don’t have to get a nightlight, and the fish also double as a nice conversation piece, but beyond a few moments of initial wonder, what else do they provide?  Would have been cooler if they had developed an oil spill-eating glow-in-the-dark fish.  Now that would be useful.

At this stage, tests are being done to make sure that the fish are sterile before releasing them to buyers.  Can you imagine if they started cross breeding these fish?  Flourescent pink oyster anyone?  Or if the fish spontaneously become fertile and start breeding?  Pretty pink everywhere.

I wonder which companies will be standing in line to market and sell these fish  to buyers.  I can just see images of Hello Kitty or Doraemon (another stupid cat-like character) stamped on the fish.  Taiwanese princesses islandwide would be ecstatic!

Interest over the fish has already developed with one foreign buyer offering NT 100 000 (US $ 3400 ish).  For 1 fish.  If the demand stays at this level, we may be seeing more useless genetic wonders in purple, violet and magenta.  Sure they are cute, but this is a pretty high price to justify owning swimming flashlights.

Check out the article at Taiwan Today.


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