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Taiwan armed forces museum

Before I came to Asia, I did some research on some of the possible destinations.  During the course of that, I came across this recruitment ad for the Taiwanese military:

Holy Transformers Batman! Continue reading ‘Taiwan armed forces museum’


Taiwanese man’s brilliant plan for continuing an affair

Affairs have been going on for as long as relationships have existed.  People are constantly coming up creative ways to hide their skeletons, but this one takes the cake.  A Taiwanese man implemented a soap opera-esque plan to continue to see his mistress – by hiding her in plain sight.

Mr. Tse, 48, is a married man who lives and works in Taoyuan, a city close to Taipei.  He met and was charmed by a young (33), unmarried enchantress, Miss Tam.  They started having an affair. Continue reading ‘Taiwanese man’s brilliant plan for continuing an affair’

Urban sprawl in Toufen township

It was a nice sunny afternoon – the perfect kind for throwing on some tunes and riding around the countryside.  I revved up the scooter, and hit the road – no map, no plan – just freedom and adventure on my mind.  It had been a pretty hectic week, so I wanted to relax.

I was driving through Toufen township (north of Miaoli, south of Hsinchu) and passively watching the typical trappings of small town Taiwan.  Numerous scooter repair shops,  a betelnut stand or 2 and narrow streets covered with strange and cryptic (Mandarin) signs were all over the place.  Looks a bit like this: Continue reading ‘Urban sprawl in Toufen township’

Taiwan’s rice sausage

Taiwanese are very creative when it comes to food and food preparation.  They find ways to make even mundane items exciting and tasty.  Try and think of something more boring than plain old rice – hard to do right?  Rice has to be the most simple of edible items.  Not here!  Besides fried rice, congee, rice desserts and rice drinks, they also have the rice sausage! Continue reading ‘Taiwan’s rice sausage’

Taiwan beaches – sans Taiwanese

Besides earnings, one of the reasons I chose to come to Taiwan over other destinations in Asia is because it’s an island, which means beaches.  And I’m a beach junkie.  I love sand, sun and water – put them together in one geographical location, and I’m in heaven.  Along with beaches goes the beach lifestyle – relaxed, friendly dudes playing beach volleyball, hot babes walking around in bikinis, lots of people enjoying the sand and surf, everyone swimming – you know – island life.  At least that’s what I thought it would be. Continue reading ‘Taiwan beaches – sans Taiwanese’

The cardboard incident

We were heading to what looked like a pretty upscale restaurant in a touristy area.  I noticed a thread hanging off my shirt, so I pulled out my lighter to burn it off.  As I did this, I noticed people looking at me.  Ok, ok, so I was indoors, but it was just a quick little job, and if I didn’t do it now, I’d forget.  Ignoring them, I finished the job and we entered the restaurant. Continue reading ‘The cardboard incident’

Man sues wife for being ugly – and wins

I was browsing around when I came across this gem.  A Chinese man sued his wife after he found out she’d had plastic surgery to alter her looks.  Here’s how it unfolded.

Jian Feng, a well to do Chinese man married a beautiful woman – typical situation.  Their marriage was all fine until she bore him a daughter.  According to Jian Feng, the daughter was so horrendous to look at, that he couldn’t believe it was his child (egotistical much?) and using vast reservoirs of patience and empathy, accused his wife of having an affair.  After DNA tests the daughter was proved to be his.  This led his wife to confess that she’d augmented her looks through the use of plastic surgery before they met. Continue reading ‘Man sues wife for being ugly – and wins’

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