Sun Link Sea and Si Tou monster village

Sitting at an elevation of 1600 m in Nantou County, Sun Link Sea is another hidden natural gem in Taiwan.  It covers around 40 acres and requires 2 to 3 days for a full exploration, but I was there for a day trip.  Because of this, I  only saw some of the most popular sights, and didn’t get to go off the beaten track too much. Regardless, some of it was pretty cool, and worth a visit for anyone interested in outdoorsy stuff.

Our tour bus made it’s first stop at the “Song Long” rock area.  As you enter (on foot) there are some aboriginal wood carvings including this:

While the Taiwanese people we were with rushed past this monument to maleness,  we , of course, hung around gawking at it.  There was a description given, but we couldn’t read it.  And I didn’t want to embarrass our companions by asking for a translation.  Any trip that starts with an erect baby-maker is going to be interesting.

Past the carvings, a cavern covered trail leads to the gorgeous Song Long waterfall:

After seeing the waterfall, we backtracked to a trail leading up to the “Eye of Heaven” which is a rock formation that resembles two giant eye sockets in the rock face:

There were a number of other trails, but as mentioned before, time was not on our side.  So off we went to our next stop which were the flower gardens.  I have never been to an actual flower garden before so this was all new to me.  We walked into a pretty non-descript warehouse looking building.  Once past the outer entrance, the flowers come visible:

It was nice, but didn’t really blow my socks off.  The flower gardens are not too large, so you can see most of it in 5 – 10 mins.  After checking out the gardens, we left and headed to Si Tou monster village.

Si Tou was a little bit weird, cool and foolish all wrapped into one.  It’s a ghost/monster themed village (read – tourist trap).  A sign tells you to beware of elves, although they really mean demons and monsters:

There are various statues and other weird structures (complete with background stories – which I couldn’t read) like this:

Along with the mandatory souvenir shops, there is also a Family mart (convenience store) tucked in the back, which totally destroys the eerie atmosphere that Si Tou is trying to portray.

Somthing strange did happen when I was there though.  I took a picture of a funny looking board-man type thing:

And then another one, just a few seconds later:

Now I know the effect probably has something to do with the flash, but what a coincidence eh?  It was as if the monster gods sensed my skepticism and sent me a message.  Felt a small shiver down my spine!

There was also a small show put on by a troupe of young performers:

The guy in the mask was actually throwing out money from that sack.  Coins were flying all over the place.  The show was pretty much the only exciting thing about the village.

All in all it wasn’t a bad trip.  Sun Link Sea is definitely worth seeing if you like mountain trails and have time to get lost in the wilderness.

You can find Sun Link Sea here:

And Si Tou:


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