For today’s English lesson : Article about a giant penis

I was screwing around on the Taipei times website (1 of the 2 English newspapers in Taiwan) when I ran across this headline:

US man with huge penis stopped at airport” 

 Definitely looks like an illuminating and thought provoking article…right?  So, of course, I had to read it.

The story was predictable….a guy with a huge member got stopped at airport security because they thought he had a hidden gun.  After a few awkward moments of checking out his crotch, they realized that it was only his sleeping dragon, and off he went.  Apparently, this had happened to him before.  Kinda funny, but nothing special.

It was posted in the “bilingual” section of the newspaper (not “offbeat” or “funny”).  Also included at the bottom of the article was a section titled “Today’s words”.  Vocabulary selections from this article were presented with translations (which I assume are) for Taiwanese students studying English.


So for today’s class we are going to read an article about a man, his schlong and the problems it causes.  Once we are familiar with the vocab, we can …what?…discuss the pro’s and con’s of being blessed with a humungous pole?  Brainstorm screening techniques to differentiate hand weapons from trouser bazookas at airport security?  Debate the various type of discriminations faced by the poor men who have gargantuan drill bits?

I found it really funny, and a little surprising, that this article was going to be used for anything other than a gag story.

Is this a genuine attempt to expose students (who read the bilingual section for learning exercises) to more “real world” stories instead of the classically boring textbook stuff?  Or did they include it in the news because they figure that all of us foreigners are obsessed with penises (penii??)?

I realize I’m probably justifying the latter by writing this post, but I swear – I don’t always look for penis related articles in newspapers – Honest!!

Whatever it is, I’m sure the news gods are shaking their heads in shame at this journalistic gem.  So, without further ado, check out the article.   Enjoy!


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