Curious sights 3

One typical summer afternoon in Taiwan (blistering sun, high humidity, strength-sucking heat) I was walking to work and had my attention arrested by this:

Max relaxed kitty cat

At first glance I was shocked.  Oh no!!  This little guy has been run over by some crazed scooter maniac.  I went closer to investigate, and saw that the cat was just fine.  He was chilling in the shade of the bike.

Stray dogs and cats here are not at all wary of humans and are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of traffic.  Or at least this siesta having  phat cat is.  As I approached, he opened his eyes briefly, hissed at me, lazily gestured with a paw and then closed them to slits…watching me, but still keeping the lazy pose.  Ok…ok your highness, I get it.  That’s your patch of scooter shade and I’ll find my own.


After a game of tennis, I was driving home glancing idly around while my mind was on auto-pilot (which is a stupid thing to do considering the mental traffic situation here) when I passed this sign:

How many do you want?

This is a huge billboard on the side of a building.  Openly advertising prostitution??  Seems like these are prices for 1, 2, 3 or 4 women.  4 women at a time???  Whoa!!  I have a hard enough time disappointing 1 at a time, let alone 4!!  I would have taken a better picture, but I was chased off by some guy screaming Mandarin at me.

I later discovered that these are the prices for having girls hang out with you while you sing karaoke.  Want to know how I found out?


It’s a known fact that China has been threatening Taiwan for a long time, and they are not very happy about Taiwan’s independence.  So, naturally, Taiwan has developed some defences to ward off attack.  I stumbled upon Taiwan’s nuclear facilities:

Super awesome!!  As you can see in the picture my friend was terribly excited as well as shocked at our find.  Hmmm…but there seemed to be a lack of security.  Where were all the guards?

Wait!!!…I was at the university…wtf???

I guess these guys don’t mess around.  China beware!!!


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