A Letter to Breakfast

My dearest Breakfast,

I know I have been treating you badly recently, and I am so sorry.  Ever since I have started going to school to learn Mandarin, I have paid you scant attention.  I’m sorry that our recent encounters have been brief and business-like.  I hate scarfing you down, while driving 60 kph on the back of a scooter, rushing to class.  It’s so crass; so purely physical – just to satisfy an animal need.

Gone are our sweet mornings of quiet and calm relaxation.  I miss those times.  Those minutes I took, admiring your perfect form, smelling your wonderful aroma, building up the anticipation…and then savouring your first taste.  Ahhh…those lovely moments always used to set me up for a great day.

Do you remember the first time we met?  I had just moved to this country.  I couldn’t read what you were, but saw you peeking shyly at me from the pictures in the restaurant.  Trust me baby I was equally as shy when I pointed at you, as the one I wanted, to the cook.

Please understand honey, I’m doing this for us.  While it’s difficult now, it will get better in a few weeks.  Just imagine how wonderful it will be when I can read your name.  No longer will i just see you in pictures, but I will know what you are.  No more will I make the mistake of ordering your ugly cousin, brunch, because of a random, bad finger point.  It will only be you!  And also, maybe, we can start meeting in even more upscale locales where I can see you with all your accessories, accoutrements and side dishes.  It will be glorious.

So please hang in there dearest.  Our currently rash and hurried encounters will eventually go back to loving engagements and we can soon spend more time together.  I miss you, Breakfast.

Your Hungry Boy.


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