Curious sights 2

I was going through some of the pics I took when I first got to Taiwan, and came across some beauties.  Having been here for a while now, I am used to seeing this type of stuff, but I remember when I first saw them, I was quite amused.  Lets start off with this wonder:

This little pavilion is situated on the path to the local beach.  It’s a perfect place to sit and chill if you want some shade.  It was a sunny day, as you can see, so after a few hours of surfing I got myself a mango beer and made my way to enjoy some coolness.

Alas, my perch was occupied by this guy.

Now, it being a hot day and all, it’s no surprise that he fell asleep here.  What got my attention was the way he was cuddling with the table.  Most guys curl up with their ladies like this, but he seems to prefer a picnic bench.  Upon a closer examination, I discovered that he had a nice watch, and his clothes were of decent quality, so he obviously wasn’t homeless.  Did he have enough of his nagging wife and run for the embrace of a non-complaining inanimate object?  Or was this the best way he could keep from falling off in his sleep?

Whatever the reason, he looked very comfortable. Kudos to you, picnic table guy.  I humbly relinquish the shade to you!


There are very few restaurants in town that have an English menu.  Fewer still that offer cocaine and shit:

Cocaine??? For only 6 bucks??? (The conversion is 30 NT : $1 Cdn.) I never got it that cheap back home!

Ok…ok…I know it’s supposed to be “liquid cocaine”, but my question is, how did they get it wrong?  Whoever did the translation for this menu got the rest of the names right.  Screwdriver, Long Island, Cuba Libre…etc.  I find it odd that they didn’t know the correct name for “liquid cocaine.

Hmm…could it be that the foreigner who translated this decided to play a joke?  Much like the tattoo artists back home who write “monkey penis” in Chinese and tell you that they are the characters for “strength” and “courage”?

As for the “Oh Shit!!”, I have no idea what’s in it (I didn’t feel like getting wasted that night), but when I do try it, I’ll let you know.


Sunday morning was usually the day when I used to nurse hangovers and hate myself for putting my body through the wringer again.

It was during one such morning, when my feelings of self loathing were especially poignant, I found myself at a diner for a late breakfast.  While my Taiwanese friend prattled on about something or another, I was looking around for a place to throw up in.  Lo and behold, I saw this on our table:

While this little guy would probably not even hold half the amount of poison I wanted to get rid of, I was happy to see that there was something other than my coffee cup I could use.  I have never seen a table top trash can before, and my immediate fascination with it gave me temporary relief from my nausea.

Taiwan is a country that has NO garbage cans on the street.  It’s a real pain in the ass to have to lug your trash in your pockets with you.  So, to see a mini trash can on the table definitely got my attention.  The little guy was even smaller than a coffee cup.  I didn’t really see any purpose to it except to look cute and maybe collect a napkin or 2.  Why would one even use it?  Don’t people normally leave their napkins on the plates after they are done?  So unless it’s there for people to spit out their betel nut juices, I don’t get why management would waste money on this.

But then again, a lot of what happens in Taiwan is still a mystery to me.


One day when I was roaming around looking for a restaurant, I saw something that made me stop and stare.  Admittedly, not a hard thing to do when everything is new, but this was really something.  Above a restaurant there was a big red sign with the giant letters:

Now, if you don’t know what this means, ask some of your friends.  Or go to a bar and someone will be sure to educate you.

For those who get it…wtf…right???  I mean…GASH?…Come on!  Once I saw this one, I realized that these signs were very common.  I started seeing GASHes everywhere.

Turns out GASH (tee-hee) is a currency system for online video games.  You can put real money in your GASH account and use it to buy stuff in virtual worlds.

So, just like the real world, you can sink all your money into a GASH.

Imagine trying to introduce this system in the west.  I wonder what kind of marketing strategy could be used to sell some GASH?


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